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A Statement from the U.S. Embassy, Guatemala City:
Bilateral efforts to realize safe, orderly and regular migration
June 4, 2021

The Government of the United States and the Government of Guatemala established working groups to increase our bilateral communication and cooperation on addressing the root causes of irregular migration.  These working groups consider the participation of other actors, including national institutions, U.S. agencies, and the essential role of multilateral organizations.

The working groups seek to develop and fund local institutional capacity and build the necessary infrastructure to address all phases of the migration process; this includes identifying effective and sustainable alternatives to irregular migration and supporting the safe return and reintegration of Guatemalan migrants to Guatemala. It also includes measures to support the safe return and reintegration of Guatemalan migrants via establishment of safe, controlled facilities that provide access to government services to help those Guatemalan migrants remain and reintegrate into Guatemala.  This initiative is intended to assist Guatemalan citizens.  Contrary to recent news reports, this is unrelated to the cancelled Asylum Cooperation Agreement between the United States and Guatemala.

The United States is committed to continuing our efforts with Guatemala to create a comprehensive response to irregular migration and address its many dangers.