Academy of Women Entrepreneurs AWE Conference

As part of the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs AWE program, a conference was held with the 67 women participants from Quetzaltenango, Chiquimula, and Guatemala with the aim of strengthening the learning of the course and creating a support network between participants from different departments. USAID Guatemala’s Acting Director, Anupama Rajaraman, interacted with the participants of the AWE conference, inviting them to continue working in their business and empower other women in Guatemala to reach their economic potential and establish their own business. AWE participants also had the opportunity to talk with women entrepreneurs rom Guatemala about preparing business plans and raising capital with the goal of building a better future for their families and communities.

The Academy of Women Entrepreneurs AWE is a project that offers training for women entrepreneurs. Since June 2019, 67 participants from Quetzaltenango, Chiquimula, and Guatemala were trained with practical skills to create sustainable businesses. Participants received online courses and face-to-face workshops on marketing, sales, operation models and business plans, in order to empower them as entrepreneurs, and create conditions of greater security and prosperity in their communities. Networking is a fundamental piece of the program that allows participants to apply the lessons learned in their businesses, promote collective prosperity through mentoring, incubators and entrepreneurship accelerators with other women entrepreneurs. PHOTOS