Ambassador Arreaga and Commissioner Asturias visited Huehuetenango

Ambassador Luis Arreaga and Commissioner Victor Asturias of Pronacom visited Huehuetenango to learn about several of the projects of the United States Embassy in the region.

One of them is the Centro para Jóvenes en Aguacatán, where USAID Guatemala and its World Vision partners provide learning opportunities in basic and technological education. They had the opportunity to meet Marvin Cardona, an entrepreneur from Aguacatán, who is an example of the USAID Guatemala outreach in the Altiplano, working with young people to make their talent the engine of local economic growth, generate decent wages and not be victims of migration. illegal.

The young graduates of the Microbecas program in English Access accompanied the Ambassador and Commissioner to learn about the production process of the famous huehueteco coffee. They also visited the Cooperativa Cruz Grande in San Juan Atitán, which is supported by Café de Guatemala and Counterpart Intl. Through the Food for Progress program of U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Finally, they met with indigenous leaders of San Juan Atitán, the Guatemalan Association of Mayors and Indigenous Authorities AGAAI, to discuss Development, Migration, Public Services and Poverty affecting the region.