Ambassador Luis E. Arreaga’s Remarks in Regional Training for the Americas-CDC

Good Afternoon

I am deeply grateful for the invitation to join this distinguished group of professionals attending the Centers for Disease Control, Center for Global Health, Regional Training for the Americas. It is also my great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to the great city of Antigua, Guatemala.

I understand this Regional training can take place pretty much anywhere in the world where CDC is present, so we are delighted that Guatemala was chosen for this year’s Americas training.

I hope you have a chance to get out and explore not only the city but other parts of this beautiful country, in addition, of course, to learning about the public health activities that CDC facilitates in the region.

CDC-CAR, as we are known today, has been in Central America for the past 60 years and it has become a regional powerhouse, focusing on eight countries, including the Dominican Republic. Their mission is to identify and respond to emerging infectious diseases and epidemics.

CDC has helped to strengthen laboratories, surveillance systems, and the public health workforce across the region.

The Americas training on policy and evaluation, management of funds, data visualization, and risk communications will sharpen your skills and provide you with the tools to engage with partners and ministries of health; they will also help you connect,  engage, and network with CDC colleagues from around the world.

Since this is the first time that CDC-CAR hosts the Americas training in Guatemala, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our organizers for making this event possible. We are very proud to have CDC in Guatemala and to be connected with its noble mission.


Thank you very much for being here and best wishes for this session.