Ambassador receives guided tour of Chichicastenango by Access students

Ambassador Luis Arreaga visited the handicraft market of Chichicastenango on a guided tour by two young Access alumni, who demonstrated the skills acquired by being part of this English scholarship program. One of Access’s goals is to increase the educational and employment opportunities of its graduates by learning the English language.

The Ambassador also met with a group of former students from the Access program and their parents at the Regional Museum of Chichicastenango, where they talked about the impact that the program has had on the prosperity of the community and how it has promoted the social mobility of the young boys and girls.

Access has worked for three years in Chichicastenango and it is already evident the mark that this program is leaving in the life not only of the students, but also of their families and their communities.

Embajador Arreaga visita Chichicastenango (PAS)