Ambassador visits “Conversa 17” forum organized by former YLAI fellow

Ambassador Todd Robinson attended the forum for social design, marketing and social projects entitled “Conversa 17” in La Erre. The event was an initiative to promote social entrepreneurship in Guatemala and was organized by Diego Olivero, who is a former YLAI – Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative of the US Department of State – fellow.

“Conversation 17” seeks to inspire young people to strive to realize their goals of prosperity through their social entrepreneurship projects. The event brought together five prominent entrepreneurs who, with their proposals, are referring to social change to demonstrate that they can contribute to improve the quality of life of other Guatemalans.

This meeting is part of the first phase of the plan that the former YLAI fellow performs to open spaces that become a source of economic development by fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Evento Conversa 17 (PAS)