Bipartisan Commission of the U.S. Congress visits Guatemala

Chargé d’Affaires, David Hodge, welcomed the Bipartisan House Democracy Partnership of the United States Congress, which visits Guatemala during its Latin American tour, to share experiences and promote links of democratic cooperation.

This commission works to promote good governance and strengthen democratic institutions seeking to increase accountability, transparency, legislative independence and government oversight for building prosperity.

One of their meetings was with the International Justice Mission (IJM) in which they discussed reform of the justice sector and the collaboration of the United States Government in the mission’s work to provide access to justice to the most disadvantaged communities.

IJM focuses its efforts to raise awareness about child sexual violence and to enhance the responsiveness of the justice system; agile and accessible to all. The Government of the The United States collaborates with IJM to contribute to the achievement of the country’s citizen security and social justice goals.