Economic Data & Reports

  • Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria (SAT): Provides basic information on the SAT, which is responsible for administration of the national tax system. The site provides helpful information about customs and tax processes including how and where to pay them and other assistance.
  • Guatecompras: Provides information on the government procurement process in Guatemala. The site also includes existing opportunities for providers.
  • Camara de Industria de Guatemala (Guatemalan Industrial Chamber): Is an association that works to promote industry in Guatemala while maintaining a standard of excellence within the market. The site also maintains a library of news items and downloads that provide insight into the Guatemalan market.
  • Camara Guatemalteca de la Construccion (Guatemalan Construction Chamber): This organization works to promote the importance of construction in the Guatemalan economy. Upon joining the group, the site provides market indicators about both the economy and the construction industry in addition to a variety of publications about the Chamber, its unions, and the overarching regional construction chamber.
  • Invest in Guatemala: Provides necessary services including visa processing, descriptions of the banking and finance process, and information on investment procedures and on how to establish a business. The site also describes current investment opportunities by sector; providing growth charts and detailed analysis about specific regions within Guatemala.
  • Ministerio de Economia (Ministry of Economy): Offers information about basic Guatemalan laws on imports and exports and helpful links about investment and expectations of foreign companies in Guatemala.