Charge D’Affaires and Mayor visited the U.S. New Embassy Compound

Guatemala City Mayor Ricardo Quiñónez and Deputy Chief of Mission David Hodge visited the construction site of the U.S. New Embassy Compound (NEC) in zone 16, to see progress since construction began on April 4.  In these 8 months, the NEC Project has contributed $12.7 million to date in the local economy and 450 Guatemalan workers have been hired.  65% of the materials used to date have been bought in Guatemala, and the services of 240 Guatemalan vendors have been used to assist in the construction.

For next year, it is anticipated the NEC Project will contribute $25M to the Guatemalan economy.  The project will last until 2022, for during which time 900 jobs for Guatemalans will be created.

The new Embassy will be one of the first buildings in Guatemala to have the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.  It will take advantage of rain with roof gardens and green areas with native Guatemalan plants.  It will treat and re-use its wastewater, and will have a tank system to prevent new runoff to its surroundings.  It will save 30% of energy.  It will generate 10% of its own electricity, and will have outlets for electrical vehicles.