Commemoration of Pride Month at the Embassy

In commemoration of Pride Month, Ambassador Todd Robinson and Deputy Chief of Mission Charisse Phillips participated in a celebration to promote equality and promote action against violence and discrimination towards the LGBTI community. The event was attended by human rights defenders in the country and representatives of LGBTI rights organizations, delegates from different institutions of the Government of Guatemala and members of the international community.

The United States Government in cooperation with civil society in the country demonstrates its support for improving living conditions and respect for the rights of LGBTI members who have been or are the victims of threats of discrimination against their decisions. This activity seeks to be a sign of acceptance towards diversity and wealth in the differences of human beings.

The United States is committed to supporting the efforts of those who are peacefully fighting for social inclusion and diversity; To end discrimination to contribute to a culture of peace and with greater security and prosperity.

We value the work of organizations such as NDI-Guatemala, REDNADS and Lambda Legal in promoting equal access to education, employment, health, public services and other rights.

Conmemoración Mes del Orgullo (PAS)