Continuing Promise 2018

Deputy Chief of Mission David Hodge participated in the closing ceremony of the humanitarian exercise for immediate response to disasters, Continuing Promise 2018, which offered free health services to more than 700 patients every day, for 10 days.

Humanitarian assistance arrived in the country on April 9 with the arrival of the USNS Spearhead, which was transporting equipment and personnel from the Southern Command of the US Armed Forces, to work with their colleagues from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Defense of Guatemala.

More than 140 doctors from various specialties from the United States and Guatemala collaborated with their services to provide medical, dental and ophthalmological care consultations at the Santo Tomás sports complex, and at the Puerto Barrios children’s hospital, where they also performed surgeries on children.

Continuing Promise is one more example of the commitment of the United States government to contribute to a Guatemala with prosperity, citizen security and good governance.