Notice of Funding Opportunity – DOS-GUA-FY18

October 1, 2017

Program Description

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the Embassy of the United States of America in Guatemala invites interested individuals, non-profit organizations, public international organizations, and private, public, or state institutions of higher education from Guatemala and the United States to submit concept notes for projects and programs in accordance with the specifications outlined below.

Projects and programs selected for funding will provide Guatemalan audiences with current, accurate information and opportunities for increased understanding of U.S. government, policies, society, history, and culture. The statutory authority for awards made under this announcement is limited to Fulbright-Hayes and Smith-Mundt.

A. All proposed activities must take place in Guatemala and must support at least one of the following Embassy Goals:

  • Increase citizen security
  • Improve citizen prosperity
  • Expand good governance

B. Activities that address one of the following specific themes are specifically of interest, however other themes which support the goals listed above will also receive consideration:

  • Social inclusion and disability
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Citizen participation in a democracy
  • Educational linkages with institutions in the United States

Federal Award Information

Requests for funding amounts between $1,000 and $25,000 will be considered on an open application process and evaluated as they are received for further discussion and possible funding.

Requests for funding exceeding $25,000 will be accepted, but very few such awards will be made. Cost sharing, whether in-kind or direct program support, is invited but it is not an eligibility requirement for this announcement. PAS expects to make a total of 15 to 20 awards under this announcement, depending on the availability of funds.

Awards of three types will be made under this announcement: Fixed Amount Awards, Grants, and Cooperative Agreements. The type of award will be determined by the Grant Officer. Applicants should note that when cooperative agreements are awarded, the substantial involvement of the Embassy Public Affairs Section may include collaborative planning, in-depth consultation, and joint execution of an activity. Procurement contracts will not be awarded under this announcement.

This announcement is limited to new awards only and does not solicit modifications to existing awards.

Eligible Applicants

The U.S. Embassy will accept applications from non-governmental organizations and other legally
recognized non-profit institutions in Guatemala, including governmental institutions. U.S. based organizations with 501(c)(3) designation and experience in Guatemala may also apply for funding under this announcement. Regardless of their location, commercial entities are ineligible. PAS may, in certain cases, opt to issue Fixed Amount Awards to individuals under this announcement. This determination will be made by the Grant Officer at the time the award is made.

All successfully funded organizations must have Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). A UEI must be obtained by the applicant prior to application submission. Instructions for obtaining a UEI can be found here: If further assistance is required, write to PAS Guatemala cannot assist organizations with obtaining a UEI.

Applicants must have an active registration in SAM ( prior to submitting an application, must provide a valid Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number, formerly referred to as a DUNS number, and must continue to maintain an active SAM registration with current information at all times during which it has an active Federal award or an application or plan under consideration by the U.S. Government. SAM requires all entities to renew their registration once a year in order to maintain an active registration status in SAM. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure it has and maintains an active registration in SAM. No entity listed on the Excluded Parties List System in SAM is eligible for any assistance or can participate in any U.S. Government funded activities.

PAS Guatemala may not award funding to an applicant until the applicant has complied with all applicable UEI and SAM requirements. If an applicant has not fully complied with the requirements by the time PAS is ready to make an award, PAS may determine that the applicant is not qualified to receive funding and use that determination as a basis to award funding to another applicant.

Organizations must have a commitment to equal opportunity employment practices and to non-discrimination practices with regard to beneficiaries, without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, gender or political affiliation. Other compliance requirements, including certifications regarding the organization’s non-participation in illicit activities such as narcotics trafficking and money laundering, may apply.

Application Process and Requirements

Interested parties should submit an initial concept note containing the following information:

  1. Name of organization or individual requesting funding
  2. Estimated amount requested
  3. Goals and themes addressed through the proposed activity (per Section 1 of this document)
  4. Short description of the activity
  5. Estimated timeline of the activity
  6. Short description of the activity’s beneficiaries (who, where, and how many people)
  7. Predicted outcomes of the activity
  8. Possible risks in carrying out the activity

The initial concept note should be not more than two pages in length, in 12 point font. Concept notes are preferred in English, but those submitted in Spanish will be equally considered. Concept notes will be accepted between October 1, 2017 and August 10, 2018. Activities must begin prior to September 30, 2018.

Concept notes will be reviewed as they are received. Reviews of concept notes will result in one of two possible outcomes, generally within 14 days after the concept note has been received:
a) the invitation of a full proposal, at which time a specified format will be provided to selected applicants; or
b) feedback to non-selected applications regarding the reason that the concept note is not determined to be appropriate for further consideration for PAS funding.

Concept notes should be submitted electronically (.pdf or .doc formats only) to
or delivered in hardcopy to:
Embassy of the United States of America
Avenida Reforma 7-01, Zona 10
Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala
Attention: Public Affairs Section – Concept Note

PAS reserves the right to request modifications or adjustments to proposed activities and budget based on Embassy goals and other relevant factors. Full proposals, when invited, will only be accepted in a specific format. Full proposals should NOT be submitted in response to this announcement. Specific instructions will be provided with the proposal format. A completed SF-424 is required to be submitted with all full proposals. Full proposals must be submitted in the English language.

Materials submitted by cloud sharing service, portable hard drive, disc, or other shared media will not be reviewed.


Financial and narrative reporting requirements apply to all award types and amounts and such reports must be submitted in English. PAS awards will require financial and progress reports on a quarterly basis. The Federal Financial Report (FFR or SF-425) is the required form for the financial reports and must be submitted. The progress reports must include page one (signed and completed) of the SF-PPR (Performance and Progress Report); and a narrative attachment to the SF-PPR as described below.

Program reports must include:

  • Relevant contextual information
  • Explanation and evaluation of significant activities during the reporting period and how the activities reflect progress toward achieving objectives
  • Any tangible impact or success stories from the project
  • Relevant supporting documentation related to the project activities (such as articles, meeting lists and agendas, participant surveys, photos, etc.)
  • A description of any problems/challenges in implementing the project and a corrective action plan
  • A description of activities for the next quarter
  • Additional pertinent information, including explanation of cost overruns, if applicable
  • A detail of line-item costs incurred during the reporting period
  • A detail of line-item costs incurred over the life of the program

A final narrative and financial report must also be submitted within 90 days after the expiration of the award. Reporting formats and instructions for their use will be provided to all successfully funded applicants.

Please note: delays in reporting may result in delays of payment approvals and failure to provide required reports may jeopardize the recipients’ ability to receive future U.S. government funds. PAS reserves the right to request any additional programmatic and/or financial project information during the award period.

The Grant Officer will review specific requirements with prospective awardees prior to transference of funds. In most cases, organizations will be required to complete a pre-award risk assessment.

Important Information

A. Evaluation Criteria: Evaluators will judge each concept note and full application individually against the following criteria, listed below in order of importance, and not against competing applications.

  • The degree to which the proposed activity supports the goals and themes outlined in sections 1A and 1B, above.
  • The knowledge and experience of the applicant in planning and implementing similar programs, specifically in Guatemala.
  • The ethnic, gender, and geographic diversity of the proposed activity.
  • The feasibility of the proposed activity according to the proposed budget and timeline.

B. PAS funds cannot be used for the following activities:

  • Activities that do not contain a distinctly U.S. perspective
  • Infrastructure/construction
  • Development projects/programs
  • Individual scholarships
  • Personal development
  • Social travel/visits
  • Gifts or prizes
  • Venture capital
  • For-profit endeavors