Environmental Preservation Projects in Petén

Ambassador Luis E. Arreaga spoke with young birdlife specialists (local youth focusing on studying the local birdlife in their natural environment) and the positive impact of their activity on tourism and the conservation of protected areas in Petén. They received training from USAID Guatemala to generate employment using their talent and knowledge of the protected areas system, and find alternatives to prosperity without resorting to Illegal Migration. Ambassador Arreaga learned about the technology used by these birdlife specialists and observed the impact that their work has on the preservation of protected areas.

He also talked with entrepreneurs to learn about community tourism activities in Petén, that are promoted internationally with the support of USAID Guatemala. Community Tourism is another activity of the sustainable economic model that benefits the inhabitants of protected areas: it generates employment opportunities, contributes to developing the local economy and reducing illegal migration.

Programas Medio Ambiente en Petén (USAID)