Forest Concessions in Petén

Ambassador Luis E. Arreaga and Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales visited the León Wall Association (AMUL) in Petén, specializing in the marketing of ramón nut, as part of their visit to learn about the Forest Concessions. The marketing of ramón nut is an initiative that takes advantage of the forest to generate income for women’s groups in Petén and is part of USAID Guatemala’s support for the conservation and sustainable management of protected areas. Community Forestry Concessions in Guatemala are a sustainable economic model that generates benefits for the population, creates jobs, and helps reduce illegal migration.

They also visited a municipal forest to learn more about certified wood cultivation, which guarantees healthy forests, conserved biodiversity, and thriving communities. The extension of the Forest Concessions will contribute to generating benefits for the population, creating employment opportunities and contributing to stronger and more stable communities in which no one should leave their family. USAID Guatemala provides technical assistance in Forest Concessions that has added value for sustainable tourism through the Rural Value Chains in the Mayan Biosphere and sustainability for communities.

Finally, they received a guided tour of the FORESCOM Forest Services Community company, created by the nine community Forest Concessions in Petén. On this visit, the representatives of the US and Guatemala governments noted the role of the Forest Concessions in forest conservation and broader investments for sustainable development in the region.

Concesiones Forestales (USAID)