GIST NET Conference on the support of universities to future entrepreneurs

The video conference of the Global Program of Innovation through the Science and Technology GIST Net of the U.S. Department of State focused on the role that universities play in the empowerment of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. This conference brought together several Guatemalan universities, including Galileo University, Guatemala Valley University, Guatemala’s Da Vinci University and URL, Landívar.

The number of colleges that support aspiring entrepreneurs is growing all over the world. In recent years, universities have invested heavily in programs that provide education and training for both teachers and students on how to market ideas and inventions developed on and off campus. In particular, these resources have proved extremely beneficial to people in the science and technology sectors.

This webchat offered the opportunity to learn more about how a university can support your company. A panel of experts will answer your questions live. Whether you are a faculty member, a student or an early stage entrepreneur, this TechConnect will provide tips on how you can make an impact.

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