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Health Alert: Embassy of the United States of America, Guatemala City, Guatemala (January 26, 2021)
January 27, 2021

Message for U.S. CitizensLocation: Guatemala

Subject:  Health Alert – Updated COVID-19 Restrictions in Guatemala, and Availability of COVID-19 Testing for Travelers to the United States (January 19, 2021)

The Government of Guatemala has implemented new COVID-19 restrictions on the operating hours of commercial establishments.  In addition, requirements for travelers to the United States to obtain a COVID-19 test or demonstrate recovery from COVID-19 in order to travel are now in effect.  COVID-19 tests are widely available throughout Guatemala.

Revised COVID-19 Restrictions in Guatemala:

In response to an increase in COVID-19 infection in country, the Government of Guatemala has announced January 25 the following changes to the operating hours of commercial establishments;

  • Public markets may operate from 5AM to 5PM daily
  • Retail establishments, including shopping malls, stores and supermarkets may operate until 7PM daily
  • Bars, restaurants and night clubs may operate until 9PM daily.

Guatemala’s tiered system of health alerts remains in effect, with regulations on social distancing to be maintained within businesses and other public facilities based on the health alert level in each location.

The overall threat ranking is as follows:

Type of Alert:      Threat Level:
Green                     Normal
Yellow                    Moderate
Orange                   High
Red                         Maximum

The list of threat rankings for each department and municipality is available on the Guatemalan government’s website at https://covid19.gob.gt/semaforo.html 

The activities that are permitted at each threat level are summarized on the Guatemalan government’s website at https://covid19.gob.gt/tablero.html.  

Availability of COVID-19 Tests Mandatory for Travelers entering the United States: 

Effective January 26, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide either a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel or provide a positive test result and documentation from a licensed health care provider or public health official of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel.  Passengers must also attest, under penalty of law, to having received a negative qualifying test result or to recovery from COVID-19 and medical clearance to travel.

See the CDC Proof of Negative Test Result page to view the order, complete the attestation, and to see FAQ’s.     

Airlines must deny boarding to passengers who do not meet these requirements.    

Availability of COVID-19 Testing in Guatemala:

Testing is available at private clinics and hospitals in Guatemala City and in many departments outside of the capital.  Antigen testing typically costs between Q300 and Q600.  PCR testing costs between Q600 and Q1,500, and more depending on the turnaround time.  Results are emailed within 2 to 48 hours.  Public hospitals and laboratories offer antigen testing for symptomatic patients and close contacts without cost, but may require long waits and delayed results.

The following list of testing facilities is not comprehensive, and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of any particular facility.


Hospital Esperanza
6a Avenida 7-49, Zona 10
Phone: 2415-9000
PCR: Q950 (24 hours)
Rapid Antigen: Q340 (2 hours)

Blue Medical
(various locations)
Phone: 2300-4000
PCR: Q600 (6 hours)
Rapid Antigen: Q295

Hospital Herrera Llerandi
(Guatemala City, Zona 10)
Phone: 2384-5959
PCR: Q995 (48 hours)

Hospital Centro Medico
(Guatemala City, Zona 10)
Phone: 2279-4949
PCR: Q990 (24-48 hours)

Hospital El Pilar
(Guatemala City, Zona 15)
Phone: 279-5000
PCR: Q950 (24-48 hours)

Centros Hospitalarios La Paz
(various locations)


Hospital de Antigua Pedro de Bethancourt
Aldea San Felipe de Jesus Antigua
Phone: 2279-0937; 7774-1414
No cost but must be exhibiting symptoms
Rapid Antigen and PCR

Laboratorio Juan Pablo
6a. Avenida Norte, Number 56
Phone: 7832-0294
Rapid Antigen: Q375


Laboratorio la Asuncion
7a. Avenida 11-52, Zona 2
Phone: 7762-3303; 3049-2967
PCR: Q1,300
Rapid Antigen: Q350;
Home visits. Cost dependent on distance.


Laboratorio la Asuncion
Calle el Mercado, Callejon Maria Cruz
Phone: 7762-6268
PCR: Q1,300
Rapid Antigen: Q350
Home visits. Cost dependent on distance.


Hospital Nacional de la Amistad Japon
Final Calle Colonia San Manuel
Phone: 7932-1818
No cost but must be exhibiting symptoms

Hospital del Carmen
Km. 292 Ruta al Atlantico, Rutal Rto Barrios
Phone: 7873-7578
PCR: Q1,500
Rapid Antigen: Q450;

Hospital Nuestra Senora de Fatima
11 Calle 9a. Avenida Esquina
Phone: 7948-8996
Rapid Antigen: Q500


Hospital Regional de Huehuetenango
Aldea las Lagunas, Zona 10
Phone: 7931-4646
No cost but must be exhibiting symptoms

Hospital y Laboratorio San Martin
8a. Avenida 3a. Calle Esquina, Zona 4
Phone: 7790-9090; 7790-9004
PCR: Q1,500
Rapid Antigen: Q600


Hospital San Marcos
5a. Calle 19-222, Zona 5
Phone: 7774-0474
No cost but must be exhibiting symptoms

Laboratorio Alameda
5a. Calle 3-40, Zona 4
San Pedro Sacatepequez
Phone: 7760-5551
Rapid Antigen: Q390

Actions to Take:

  • Monitor the CDC website for latest guidance regarding testing requirements.
  • Check with your air carriers or travel representative prior to departure for the United States.
  • Check the Embassy’s COVID-19 Information Page for updated COVID-19 related information.
  • Visit the Department of Homeland Security’s  website on the latest travel restrictions to the United States.
  • Click here for the Department of State’s COVID FAQs Search Tool.


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