Inauguration of Model Police Precint in San Cristóbal Acasaguastlán

INL/WHP Office Director Rich Glenn participated with the Governor of El Progreso, Gustavo Sosa, and the Mayor of the Municipality of San Cristóbal Acasaguastlán, Jeaneth Ordóñez, among other representatives of the Government of Guatemala and the PNC of Guatemala, at the inauguration of the Model Police Precint in San Cristóbal Acasaguastlán.

TheModel Police Precint responds to the efforts of the United States to contribute to the prosperity of Guatemala through the strengthening of its citizen security. The initiative integrates combined patrolling capabilities, monitoring centers, prevention programs and investigative units. One of the essential elements is the community approach, in order to strengthen the links between the population and its police.

In the case of San Cristóbal Acasaguastlán, a monitoring center and a football field are added to increase crime prevention activities. It is an integrated responsibility, which includes the Government of Guatemala, the PNC, the PMT and the citizens to identify and work solutions that restore order and confidence in the communities.