Meeting with LGBTI Organizations

Deputy Chief of Mission David Hodge met with leaders who advocate for the Human Rights of LGBTI people in Guatemala, representatives of organizations such as Visibles, Rednads, Lambda Association, CAS, Oasis Guatemala, Trans-Formation Collective and the Human Rights Ombudsman.

During this meeting, theDeputy Chief of Mission emphasized that we all have the right to live free of violence and threats, with access to education, employment and public services, without discrimination of gender identity or sexual orientation. Defenders of Human Rights expressed their concern about the recent discourses that have created separation in Guatemalan society regarding the issue of LGBTI rights.

“LGBTI people, like all people, must be able to enjoy their Human Rights and fundamental freedoms, including Freedom of Expression, Peaceful Assembly and association, without fear of reprisals.” Secretary Mike Pompeo

Almuerzo Organizaciones LGBTI (POL)