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Message for U.S. Citizens: Updates and Reminders Regarding American Citizens Services (April 10, 2023)
April 10, 2023

Message for U.S. Citizens: Updates and Reminders Regarding American Citizens Services (April 10, 2023)


The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City is pleased to welcome U.S. citizens for consular services.  Please note that we recently moved, and our new address is Boulevard Austriaco 11-51, Zone 16, Guatemala City.

Schedule an Appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a routine passport application or notarial service, please click here.  To request an appointment for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, please click here.

Please arrive on time for your appointment.  If you arrive late by 15 minutes or more, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

Parking Information

While there is no available public parking onsite at the Embassy, there are several nearby commercial parking facilities.  There is also a drop-off and pick-up area in front of the Embassy.

Security Information

All visitors and their belongings must pass through security before entering the Embassy.  For a list of prohibited items, please click here.  Please note that this list has recently been revised to now allow items such as electronic car keys and small amounts of liquids.  Please review the security requirements prior to coming to the Embassy.

Delays in Receiving U.S. Passports

The American Citizens Services unit sends most passport applications to the United States for adjudication.  Due to unprecedented demand for U.S. passports worldwide, we are experiencing longer-than-usual processing times for passport applications.  Passports are currently arriving at the Embassy approximately 4-6 weeks after applications are received.  Please take these delays into account when making travel plans.  If you have applied for a passport, please do not book non-refundable travel until you have your new passport in hand.  To check the status of your application at any time, please click here.

Emergency ACS Appointments

Most applicants can schedule a routine passport appointment within one week.  Please continue to check for available appointments as we continually open additional appointments.  If you have an emergency requiring urgent travel, please first schedule the next available appointment, and if you need an earlier appointment, please email the American Citizens Services Unit at AmCitsGuatemala@state.gov.

Lost and Stolen Passports

To report your passport lost or stolen online, please click here.  Once your passport has been reported lost or stolen online, you may no longer use that passport if you recover it.  When applying for a replacement passport, please fill out the Form DS-11 online and print the completed form.  You will also need a Form DS-64 to report your passport lost/stolen.  If you are in possession of any other identity document (e.g., driver’s license, Guatemalan DPI, etc.), please bring it with you to your appointment at the Embassy. You will also need a 2×2 photo and funds to pay the $165 fee (for applicants age 16 and over).  If an applicant is a minor age 15 and under, the fee is $135.  Please note that the fees may be paid in cash or by credit card in U.S. dollars or the cash equivalent of Guatemala quetzals.

Diplomatic Pouch Access for Voting Materials

The Embassy is here to help U.S. citizens participate in elections as overseas absentee voters.  Some states allow you to return completed Federal Post Card Applications (FCPA), ballots, and other voting material electronically.  If your state requires you to return your FCPA, ballot, or other voting material by mail, you may do so through the U.S. Embassy’s diplomatic pouch.  There is no cost to use the diplomatic pouch to send voting material from the U.S. Embassy to a domestic sorting facility.  Normal transit time from Guatemala to the United States is approximately two weeks.  You will need to place your voting material in a postage paid return envelope or in an envelope bearing sufficient U.S. postage for it to be delivered to the proper local election authority.

If you wish to use the diplomatic pouch, please place your voting material in a sealed envelope and placed that sealed envelope in another envelope that is addressed to the U.S. Embassy.  You may send your voting material via Cargo Expreso or Guatex addressed as follows:

Voting Materials

U.S. Embassy

Boulevard Austriaco 11-51, Zone 16

Guatemala City

At the present time, it is not permitted to deliver voting material to the U.S. Embassy in person.  If you plan to return your voting material to your local election authority via the U.S. Embassy’s diplomatic pouch, please send the material well in advance of applicable deadlines to allow for transit times between overseas posts and local voting districts.

If you have any questions about voting from overseas, please email the U.S. Embassy’s Voting Assistance Officer at AmCitsGuatemala@state.gov.

Federal Benefits Unit Visit

The San Jose Regional Federal Benefits Office will visit Guatemala City from April 24-28, 2023, to offer services for beneficiaries and for other individuals who have questions about Social Security benefits.  Please click here for more information about the visit and services offered. 


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