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Emergency Passports

Applying for an Emergency Passport

Emergency passports can be issued the same day as your appointment. The books have 12 pages and are generally valid for one year. Note that an emergency passport is not an e-Passport and does not contain an electronic chip. It is valid to travel to the United States, but it may not meet the requirements of other countries.

For instructions on the requirements for applying for a passport, please click the relevant link below:

To schedule an in-person appointment, please go here.

If you may need an earlier appointment than what is available online, please schedule the first available appointment.  Then email AmCitsGuatemala@state.gov to request an expedited appointment.  Please provide your travel itinerary so that we may schedule you for an appointment that will meet your travel requirements.


You were issued a limited validity U.S. passport.  It can be used for travel and to identify you as a U.S. citizen.  In most circumstances, you may replace it with a full validity passport within a year of issuance at no charge.

To replace your limited validity passport in Guatemala, you may schedule an in-person appointment here.  If you are over age 18 and would like to replace your emergency passport by courier, please go here.

Submit the following items before your passport expires: 

  • A completed and signed DS-5504 form
  • A 2×2 inch passport photo taken within the last 6 months
  • The limited validity U.S. passport you are replacing

To replace your limited validity passport in the United States, send the above items to the address on the DS-5504 form.  Further documentation may be requested by a passport agency in the United States. 

Note:  If you fill out the passport application online (https://pptform.state.gov), and the form filler does not generate the DS-5504 form, you are not eligible to replace your passport at no fee, and you should follow the instructions for the form it generates.