Sesame Street in Escuintla

Ambassador Luis Arreaga and Mrs. Arreaga attended the workshop given by the Sesame Street Foundation, aimed at the victims of the Volcán de Fuego tragedy, which took place at the UNICEF shelter, located at the Armando Barillas National Stadium in Escuintla.

Elmo, Lola, Abby and the Cookie Monster traveled to Guatemala to share with survivors of the eruption of the volcano, especially children, and to work with them on identification and handling of emotions.

The Ambassador and his wife collaborated as volunteers, helping the children to perform the activities as breathing techniques to learn how to approach emotions, recognize them and express them openly with confidence and security.

We thank the Guatemalan Karla Menocal de Mata, alumni of the exchange program “The Fortune State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership,” for the organization of the event. It was during this exchange program that Karla met her mentor Sherrie Rollings Westing, current vice president of the Sesame Street Foundation and who showed great interest in collaborating with the victims of the volcano of Fuego. Likewise, Mrs. Menocal coordinated with private sector companies in Guatemala for the organization and logistics of the project.

Plaza Sesamo en Escuintla