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State of Prevention, Increased Military and Police Presence
February 5, 2020

Message for U.S. CitizensSecurity Alert – U.S. Embassy Guatemala City, Guatemala

Location:  Municipality of Chimaltenango, Department of Chimaltenango 

Event: State of Prevention, Increased Military and Police Presence

The Government of Guatemala has announced a State of Prevention for the Municipality of Chimaltenango.  The State of Prevention is due to the ongoing security situation in Chimaltenango where there is significant gang activity and other violent crime.  There will be an increased military and police presence in this area to conduct search warrants and arrest operations throughout the State of Prevention period.

Effective immediately, U.S. Embassy official and personal travel to the Municipality of Chimaltenango will only be authorized on a case-by-case basis throughout the State of Prevention period The Municipality of Chimaltenango falls along major travel routes to non-restricted destinations.  Travel along the routes through Chimaltenango will still be permitted; however, U.S. Embassy personnel are advised to not stop in Chimaltenango while transiting to other destinations.

Please be aware that there will be official police check points along routes leading to / from Chimaltenango.  Embassy operations are normal.

Actions to Take:

  • Review your personal security plans and remain aware of your surroundings, including local events.
  • Monitor local news for updates.
  • Maintain a high-level of vigilance, take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security and follow instructions of local authorities.
  • Avoid areas of demonstrations, and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.

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