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SUSI: Secondary Educators

SUSI: Secondary Educators

The Study of the U.S. Institutes for Secondary Educators is an intensive post-graduate level academic program with integrated study tours for secondary school educators and administrators to deepen their understanding of U.S. society, culture, values, and institutions.

Selected fellows will be part of a multinational group of 20 experienced secondary school educators 

(including teachers, administrators, teacher trainers, curriculum developers, textbook writers, ministry of education officials, and others.)

More about the scholarship

Selected secondary educators will travel to the U.S. for four weeks in the summer of 2024.  The four-week academic residencies will take place at U.S. universities and colleges, and will consist of a balanced series of lectures, panels, seminar discussions, readings, workshops, site visits, meetings with practitioners in the field, and cultural activities.  One-week study tours to a different region of the United States will complement the academic residencies.

Through a combination of traditional, multi-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary approaches, program content will examine the history and evolution of U.S. institutions and values.  The programs will also serve to illuminate contemporary political, social, and economic debates in American society.

The costs of international travel, accommodations, meals, books, and cultural activities will be covered by the scholarship.

Submit your application from November 15, 2023 to December 15, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

Candidate Profile and Eligibility Requirements

  • Guatemalan citizen (without dual U.S. citizenship)
  • Mid-career, typically between the ages of 30-50
  • High school teacher, educational administrator, or teacher trainer who teaches topics related to the English language or the United States
  • Full-time educator with at least five (5) years of verifiable experience
  • Intermediate level of the English language (this will be tested by a native English speaker)
  • Leading teacher in their community
  • Eligible for a J-1 visa
  • Little or no study or travel experience outside of Guatemala

Program Requirements and Restrictions

In addition to the requirements listed above, all participants are expected to participate fully in the program.  Please note that this is an intensive program; participants must attend all lectures and organized activities, and complete assigned readings.

SUSI fellows may not apply to any SUSI program.  After two years, they may apply to other U.S. Embassy-sponsored programs other than SUSI.  

Important note for all potential applicants to U.S. exchange programs

As of November 8, 2021, all non-U.S. citizens seeking to enter the United States by air are NOT required to comply with requirements related to COVID-19 testing and vaccination status, but it is recommended that you do, for your own safety.  

For the latest information from the CDC and guidance, go to https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/proof-of-vaccination.html.  

If you have any questions related please contact us through BecasEEUU@state.gov.

How to apply

  1. Complete theGoogle Form in https://forms.gle/yh8BBkHYdJLh8kmE8.  If you encounter difficulties filling out this form, please e-mail us through BecasEEUU@state.gov
  2. In the Google application form, submit the documents listed below as  PDFs, using the requested naming convention for each file:
    1. Scan of your DPI and valid passport
    2. Proof of employment as a secondary educator for five years or more
    3. Recommendation letter from your current employer
    4. Personal statement


When submitting your application, please make sure that all the information is correct.  Applications that do not meet these requirements will not be reviewed.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


  • The call for applications is open from November 15, 2023 to December 15, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Interviews will be held in January 2024 (in English.)  Applicants selected to be interviewed will be contacted via email.  Applicants who have not received an email invitation to an interview by early January 2024 were not selected to continue in the selection process.
  • It is anticipated that selected fellows will travel to the United States in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don’t have a visa. May I apply?
Yes.  Having a visa is not required to apply.  Candidates should be eligible for a J-1 visa.

What expenses does the SUSI scholarship cover?
The scholarship covers the costs of visa, travel, accommodation, tuition fees, and medical insurance.

Can a family member of a U.S. Embassy employee apply to the program?
Family members of U.S. Embassy employees are not eligible for this program. 

Can a relative travel or stay with the SUSI program participant?
No.  Relatives cannot travel or stay with participants during the program. 

Where do fellows live?
During the program, fellows live in shared university dorms with common bathrooms on campus.  Most meals are provided at campus facilities.