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The United States Provides Assistance to Guatemala to Respond to COVID-19
April 21, 2020

Press ReleaseApril 20, 2020

Guatemala City – The United States Government has committed $2.4 million to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in Guatemala. The U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), will work in close collaboration with the Government of Guatemala, international humanitarian partners, and other stakeholders to identify priority areas for investment.

“This assistance will support Guatemala’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 and provide proper medical care and screening to Guatemalans returning home from abroad. We remain committed to helping the people of Guatemala address the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ambassador Arreaga.

Through this assistance, USAID will support:

● Case management to strengthen clinical care while minimizing the risk of onward transmission to others.

● Infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities.

● Public health screening at various national points of entry, such as airports and land-border crossings.

● Communications and media campaigns to help educate people on steps they can take to prevent and respond to the spread of the virus.

● Monitoring and rapid response to help identify and track cases at the national and community level.

In addition, USAID is providing approximately $10,000 in supplies to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection in Patzún, which is currently under an official “cordón sanitario,” and the neighboring villages of Mercedes and Mocolic Alto.

U.S. long-term investment in Guatemala’s health and development includes more than $2.6 billion in total U.S. assistance, which includes $564 million in health, over the past 20 years. For decades, the United States has been the world’s largest provider of bilateral assistance in public health.

Because an infectious-disease threat anywhere can become a threat everywhere, the United States calls on other donors to contribute to the global effort to combat COVID-19. For more information about USAID’s response to COVID-19, please visit: https://www.usaid.gov/coronavirus-covid-19