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U.S. Air Force Southern will lead U.S. Southern Command’s upcoming exercise in Guatemala
May 17, 2021

Press ReleaseREF# 2021 - 12

The United States 12th Air Force (Air Force Southern, or AFSOUTH) will be leading U.S. Southern Command’s upcoming exercise in Guatemala – this exercise will provide joint training and improve readiness of U.S. and Guatemalan civil engineers, medical professionals and support personnel in humanitarian assistance techniques from May until August 2021.

As part of the exercise, U.S. military engineers will also work side-by-side with Guatemalan military forces to renovate a training site at a Guatemalan military base in Poptún, Peten.

Additionally, U.S. military doctors, dentists, and veterinarians will work with local partners in Melchor de Mencos. A primary care team will provide basic medical services and education, a dental team will perform extractions and cleanings in rural communities, and a veterinary team will offer large animal care education and vaccinations at various locations during the exercise.

“This kind of exercise strengthens the longstanding partnership between the U.S. and Guatemala and reflects our countries’ mutual commitment to a more cooperative, prosperous and secure hemisphere,” said U.S. Army Col. Michael Burgoyne, Senior Defense Official at U.S. Embassy Guatemala.

The exercise will improve U.S. and Guatemalan abilities to rapidly respond to crises together. U.S. Southern Command and 12th Air Force are committed to strengthening the partnership with Guatemala to improve our collective ability to meet complex challenges.

Approximately 75 U.S. service members will arrive in Guatemala for the exercise.