Hospitals in Guatemala City Area

Neither the Embassy nor the Department of State can assume any responsibility for the accuracy of any of the data provided, the integrity, or the professional ability of any of the hospitals listed.

Centro Hospitalario la Paz*
10a. Calle 2-31, Zona 14
Phone: 2217 0300. Information dial: 1747

Hospital Universitario Esperanza
6a. Avenida 7-49, Zona 10
Phone: 2415-9000
Private foundation, affiliated with Francisco Marroquin
University School of Medicine

Hospital Herrera Llerandi*
6a. Avenida 8-71, Zona 10
Phone: 2384-5959 Emergency: 2334-5955

Centro Médico*
6a. Avenida 3-47, Zona 10
Phone: 2279-4949 Fax: 2331-7533

Hospital General San Juan de Dios (Public Hospital)
1a. Avenida 10-50, Zona 1
Phone: 2321-9191
Affiliated with University San Carlos School of Medicine

IGSS (Public Hospital)
Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social
9a. Calle 7-55, Zona 9
Phone: 2412-1224
You have to be registered at IGSS to use its services.

Sanatorio El Pilar*
3a. Calle 10-71, Zona 15
Colonia Tecún Umán
Phone: 2279-5000 Emergency: 2279-5097 / 98 Ext. 1907 – 1908 and 1911
Private, run by Asociacion Española de Beneficiencia by nuns of the Anunciata.

Roosevelt Hospital (Public Hospital)
Calzada Roosevelt, Zona 11
Phone: 2321-7400
Affiliated with University San Carlos School of Medicine

Hospital General de Accidentes – IGSS (Public Hospital)
13 Avenida 1-51 Col. Monte Real, Zona 4, Mixco
Phone: 2210-8383
You have to be a member to use its services

*Private hospital, patient must prove to have enough funds to pay for services.