Frequently Asked Questions

When you register you will automatically receive the latest information we collect about the country where you travel or live. You will also receive updates, including warnings and travel alerts. Even more important if you are registered we can assist you in case of an emergency such as a natural disaster. In that case, it will be easier to contact you and to offer assistance to you and your family.  See the link to register for the STEP program whether you are traveling in the country for a limited or a long time period of time, your contact information will be available to us at the US Embassy in Guatemala.

Appointments are released every couple of days to ensure that there is adequate staffing to quickly handle all appointments and limit wait times at the Embassy.  Please check the appointment system several times over the course of a week or two before coming in person to the Embassy for an emergency appointment.

All U.S. citizens may walk-in without an appointment to process a passport, CRBA, or notarial if they have an urgent need.  Please bring your travel itinerary and all required documents that you need to submit. You will find that information in our web page under passports and citizenship or notarial services.  The day you come to the Embassy explain to the guard that you need to travel or use notarized documents on an emergency basis.

We try to answer all email inquiries to our inbox within two business days.  If you have a life or death emergency of a U.S. citizen, please call 2326-4000.

At the appointment, you will be given a pick-up sheet with the time and date for pick-up.  If you have misplaced your pick-up sheet or want to know if the passport is ready ahead of time, please email

Yes, anybody presenting the receipt and the previous applicant’s passport can come for the passport but they have to present both.

You can either pick up your passport at the Embassy Mondays through Thursdays from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. or you can receive it through a private courier company (GuatEx or Cargo Expreso) at their closest agency.  You’ll need to pay the mailing service directly with them when picking up your passport, fees may vary depending on the area/distance.

You may bring a printed copy of a single statement.  You may use the example (PDF 64 KB) we provide you or your own letter and have it notarized (PDF 165 KB) at the Embassy.

If you bring your passport to the Embassy, we can do a certified, true copy of your passport which is accepted by the Guatemalan Government for this purpose. Please make an appointment Monday through Thursday during the morning only, selecting the option Notarial Services. (PDF 165 KB)

Please write to  to arrange a deposition. Please include proposed date, location, technical requirements, plus the full names, dates of birth and ID numbers of all participants.

You can find information about the apostille process here document apostilled. The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala does not apostille documents but we will authenticate signatures on documents that have been apostilled by the Guatemalan Foreign Ministry.  Please make an appointment Monday through Thursday during the morning only, selecting the option for Notarial Services. (PDF 165 KB)

Please contact the police station where you were last resident in the United States to request police records.

We no longer are able to take fingerprints for federal background checks at the Embassy; however you are able to get your fingerprints taken by the “Policía Nacional Civil”, the local police in Guatemala.   You should print the FD-258 form and take it to a Guatemalan police station where they can take your fingerprints.  One police station that is familiar with this procedure is:

Dirección General de la Policía Nacional Civil
10 Calle 13-92, Zona 1
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Phone:  (502) 2329-0000

Please send all information to, including full name, DOB, law firm, address, phone number, email, specialization, degree of English spoken and year of entry into the Guatemalan Bar Association.

Please send all complaints to, including full name and law firm of the lawyer, along with details about the complaint.  Please indicate if the lawyer has been censured by the Guatemalan Bar Association.  Our regulations direct us to remove a lawyer only after several complaints have been filed.

Please consult the following link from USDA/APHIS, the government organism that controls how to import and export animals including pets to and from the U.S.

Please go to Federal Voting Assistance Program to find information on how to vote in your state of residence.

Please refer to the Country Specific Information for Guatemala for security information.  Our website includes up to date “security messages” on specific locations.

While in Guatemala, people with disabilities can find accessibility and lodging accommodations is very different from the United States. Travelers who have disabilities and the need to use a wheelchair will find very limited access in Guatemala. Except for the major hotels, some government buildings and some major museums, most buildings have no special access. At Mayan ruins like Tikal there is no special access for people with disabilities.

At the Embassy, we do have accommodation for disabled customers, including an elevator and ramp to enable wheelchair access and a private, seated interview room which we can use for those with hearing impairment. Disabled applicants may bring a companion to assist. Please write to us at to alert us to any special needs.

U.S. citizens who are over 80 years may submit a passport renewal application (PDF 65 KB) (on form DS-82) by having a representative hand deliver a completed application, photo, and fees to the Embassy.

For all first time services and notarials, it is possible to request at home consular assistance by emailing  Please include an explanation of the circumstances and a description of the exact services that are being requested.  These will be approved on a case-by-case basis and consular fees for the officer’s time will be charged in all non-emergency cases.

While the Embassy does not have information about social events, we recommend that check the internet and search for private organizations such as the Facebook page of the American Society of Guatemala, Guatemala Expats,  Revue Magazine,  and other organizations that may interest you.