Tax Consultant List

Please note: Neither the Embassy nor the Department of State can assume any responsibility for the accuracy of any of the data provided, the integrity, or the professional ability of any of the attorneys listed.  We suggest contacting several attorneys to discuss your case and the fees involved before deciding which to employ; most Guatemalan attorneys do not charge for this initial consultation.

Should you have any complaint against a listed attorney please contact the U.S. Embassy, American Citizens Service Office, at (502) 2326-4942.

Jorge Luis Urruela

Reforma 7-62, Zona 9 Of. 914
Nivel, Edificio Aristos
PBX 2362-9393 /Fax 2362-9397

Juan Pablo Aris

13 Calle 8-44, Zona 10
Edyma Plaza Oficina 106
2366-2808 / 3005-0125

Lourdes Diaz
Hola Expat
San Jose de Belen #5
Avenida Sur Final
Antigua, Guatemala

Timothy D. Richards
Richards & Associates, P.A.
2665 South Bayshore Drive, Suite 703
Miami, Florida 33133

Randall Brody
Tax Samaritan
6616 Ruddock North Las Vegas, NV 89084702-350-1050

Marc J. Strohl, CPA
Protax Consulting Services Inc
Seven Penn Plaza, Suite 416
New York, New York 10001
USA 212-714-1805