Vehicle Permits for Tourists

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As a tourist, you have the right to bring in a vehicle free of duty. Upon arrival at the Guatemalan border with your car, you must present the following:

  1. Car title (the name on the title has to be the name of the person who is driving the car, otherwise the person driving the car has to present a notarized letter signed by the notary, the owner of the vehicle and the person who is driving the vehicle).
  2. Other car documents (i.e. registration)
  3. Your valid passport
  4. Your valid driver’s license

The customs agent will inspect your car, your documents and prepare an entry permit form “R.P. 131”. You will receive a sticker for the windshield which costs Q55.00 and is valid for 90 days (or the period of time authorized by the Guatemalan Immigration Authorities on your passport). The customs agent will place a stamp in your passport which notes the make, model, chassis number, motor number and license plate number of your vehicle.

Permit Extensions

Tourists entering Guatemala who need to renew this permit, need to go back to the border, where they got the first permit, to get an extension for an additional 90 days.
Tourists either have to drive across the border before the permit expires and reenter later with a new permit or leave the country entirely. If the permit has expired don’t drive your car; if stopped, the police will confiscate your car.
If you enter Guatemala with a vehicle you have three options relating to your departure:

  • Depart with the vehicle
  • Sell the vehicle and have it removed from your passport
  • Store the vehicle in a Guatemalan Customs lot for a daily fee

For further information, please contact SAT:
Tel. (502)2329-7070