Passport Services

Please be informed that a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IS REQUIRED in order to process the passport. If you have never had or applied for a social security number, you will be required to submit a declaration under penalty of perjury that you were never issued a social security number.  To request it please review Social Security

The American Citizen Services Unit has implemented a system for online appointments for passport and citizenship services that are not emergency. The Embassy of the United States in Guatemala will provide the following services only through appointments:

  • First issuance of passports
  • Renewal of passports of children under 16 years
  • Renewal of passports for persons over 16 years of age, whose previous passport was issued before they reached the age of 16
  • Reports of birth abroad
  • Renewal of passports for adults

Appointments can be made at the following internet address:

Appointment System

Applicants must fill out and print their forms before arriving at the Embassy, ​​they must also bring all the documents to support their request.

The American Services Section is closed to the public for regular services on the third Thursday of each month, except in cases of  EMERGENCY. Please also note that the Embassy is closed during official holidays in Guatemala and the United States.

Passport applications must be sent to the United States to be printed and therefore take 10 business days to process. Emergency passports are approved only under special circumstances and are valid only to return to the United States. Under certain circumstances, the consular officer may request additional documentation.

All payments for passport services must be paid at the Embassy in cash, credit or debit card.

Bank drafts, bank checks or personal checks are not accepted as well as damaged, stained or torn US bills.

All applicants must apply personally.