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United States Embassy Revokes Visas of Former Government Officials
January 16, 2020

Press Release text with the department of state sealREF# 2020-3

The United States Embassy in Guatemala has revoked more than two dozen visas of Guatemalan citizens since the beginning of 2020, in addition to approximately 250 revoked in 2019 due to visa ineligibilities, including those related to criminal activity. Individuals affected by these revocations include former government officials and others. The United States regularly revokes visas of those who are found to be ineligible to possess them, for reasons including acts of corruption, human rights abuses, drug trafficking, money laundering, trafficking or smuggling of persons, inappropriate U.S. travel, or other illegal activities.  The U.S. Embassy will continue to deploy all remedies available under U.S. law to aid in the fight against criminality, corruption and impunity in Guatemala and to strengthen the rule of law.