Urban skills workshops with One World Hip Hop conclude

We celebrated the closing of the Hip-Hop workshops given by the American group One World Hip Hop to young people from Villa Nueva and instructors from the capital city. The main objective of the AVES initiative is to counteract violence with positive skills and activities such as Art.

The group organized workshops based on the main elements of Hip-Hip culture such as graffiti, MC-ing, DJ-ing, and break dancing, to embody and work on understanding, community, and social justice in young people.

With safe spaces, communities thrive and young people have the opportunity to choose a productive life. The U.S. is committed to the reduction of violence and the creation of economic and educational opportunities for the most vulnerable sectors.

Together with USAID and INL Guatemala, we are grateful for the participation of One World Hip Hop, the Municipality of Guatemala and Villa Nueva, and the National Civil Police for their dedication to this project that has changed the lives of many young people. The youth of Guatemala deserve a future free of violence and full of prosperity, security and good governance.