Additional Processing

In some cases, the Embassy may require updated or additional information in order to process your case. Additionally, there are some cases that require additional internal or “administrative” processing. If your family member was informed that their case required additional information or was under administrative processing, please address the areas identified by the consular officer in order to complete the case in a timely manner.

Common reasons why an applicant may be subject to additional  processing include:

  • Internal or “Administrative” processing: You may request additional information about the status of your case by emailing or by calling (502)2376-1978 in Guatemala or (703)745-5477 in the United States of America.
  • Missing documentation for I-864 “Affidavit of Support” form: Learn how to complete this form by visiting Affidavit of Support Instructions.
  • Medical exam results: If the medical exam results were not available at the time of the scheduled interview, the case will be put on hold until they are received by the Embassy.
  • Request for DNA: The beneficiary will receive additional information if DNA is requested
  • Waiver: If an applicant has a visa ineligibility and qualifies to seek a waiver, the petitioner may seek a waiver by visiting