Traveling with Pets

Taking your Dog or Cat to the United States

  • First, you must take your pet to a registered Guatemalan veterinarian for a health certificate stating that the pet:
    • has been examined,
    • shows no evidence of communicable disease,
    • and has been vaccinated for:
      • rabies,
      • distemper,
      • hepatitis,
      • leptospirosis,
      • and parvovirus.

    The certificate must be obtained within 30 days prior to the animal’s entry into the U.S., and must be performed by a certified veterinary.

  • After May 9, 2011, veterinarian certificates do not need to be authenticated by the U.S. Embassy anymore as it is not a United States requirement.
  • Next, you need to go to any Banrural to pay Q.50.00 per pet, under de the name of MAGA-UNR; Servicio de Montos Fijos, Codigo 1012, you need to provide a Taxpayer Number.
  • Next, take the health certificate to:Ventanilla Unica de Exportaciones
    14 Calle 14-30, Zona 13
    Tels.  2362-2075/77
  • Ventanilla Unica will issue an export license with the original and a copy of the veterinarian health certificate and the vaccination card as well as the Banrural receipt. When you have the export license, bring it to the Quarantine Department located on the third floor of the Guatemalan Airport one or two days before the trip to seal the bottom part of the license. This has a validity of 15 days.