Young Guatemalans participated in NASA’s Zero Robotics competition

Guatemalan Wendy Miranda, former Humphrey Scholar, had the opportunity to be a visiting scientist and mentor of students at the Space Systems Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), working on NASA’s SPHERES project with satellites operated by the Station International Space. Wendy’s participation in this project gave her the opportunity to acquire an invitation to participate in Zero Robotics, even though Guatemala does not belong to the cooperating countries of the Space Station.

The Zero Robotics tournament for high school students was created by MIT, NASA, and ESA to motivate young people and children to become involved in aerospace activities. In Latin America, only Mexico and Guatemala were invited in 2018. The tournament proposes a challenge based on current NASA experiments transferred to students to develop applications to program a satellite in space, this being the first time this task is performed from Guatemala. With the support of EFPEM-USAC, 20 students and 3 mentors responded to the call for young people from 14 to 18 to participate for free in the tournament Zero Robotics.